Bio: I work as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, working with busy parents caring for their ASD children. I also work with Corporation to help them to create balance in their employees lives, thus increasing productivity. I also authored a book titled Autism Diagnosis! What Now?

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  1. Hello, welcome to my new blog. Someone once said, ” Life is like a game of poker.” All of us have our own hand of card to deal, I cannot deal your hand and you cannot deal my hand. We have to deal our own hand of card. We are a part of this big circle, the circle of life and each of us has to play our part.


  2. Autism Diagnosis! What Now? was written to create awareness about autism. It provides another perspective on parenting a child along the Autism Spectrum. By reading this book it will teach parents why they were given this particular child to care for. It provides 21 tips on self-care for the parent and the care-giver and will show you how to find the blessings among the daily challenges you will face while caring for your ASD family members


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